Knives & Tools in the Videos

If you'd like to have any of the items from the videos, I've collected Amazon links and prices, and marked my recommendations in red.

Recommended items are the ones I prefer, balancing practicality, durability and price. I've purchased and used all of the items here and in the videos — and the recommendations are based on my own experience. Nothing here has been provided, so I have no obligation to any manufacturer or seller. (Often, the items I like the most are less expensive than the other alternatives.)

  EDC (Every Day Carry)  
Knife $44.95
  Kershaw Black Scallion Knife $63.73
for "Dress" Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife $39.97
  Kershaw Chive Knife, Satin 24k Gold $99.99
Flashlight $17.95
Multi-tool $12.47
Fire Starting $27.75
Watch $106.99
Belt 5.11 Tactical Men's 1.5-Inch TDU Belt $17.99
Pillbox Pocket Pill Box Keychain $8.99
  Fixed Blade Knives  
Camp Knives Helle Knives - Temagami - Les Stroud $189.00
Belt Knives KA-BAR Short Fighting Knife $61.95
  Smith & Wesson 9" Fixed Blade Dagger $19.99
Machettes Kershaw Camp 10 Tan Machete $50.69
  SOG Survival Machete with Sheath $54.95
Bayonet Smith & Wesson 12.8" Fixed Blade Knife $84.99
Boot Knives $99.99
  Folding Knives  
  Benchmade Griptilian 551 Knife $119.00
  Kershaw Black Scallion Knife $63.73
  Kershaw Cryo II Pocket Knife $39.79
  Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife $39.97
  Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife $34.99
  Kershaw Shuffle DIY Pocket Knife $23.19
  Kershaw Shuffle Pocket Knife $18.76
Multi-Tools Leatherman MUT Multitool $159.95
  Leatherman Wingman Multitool $59.95
Key Chain Swiss+Tech 19-in-1 Pocket Multitool $20.05
  Leatherman Style PS Keychain Multitool $34.95
  Leatherman Style CS Keychain Multitool $29.55
Knives Kershaw Shuffle Multifunction Knife $22.99
Sharpeners Kershaw Ultra-Tek Blade Sharpener $18.81
  Lansky D-SHARP Diamond Sharpener (diamond) $18.24
  Lansky C-Sharp Ceramic Sharpener (ceramic) $18.24
Knife Tools STP Pivot Tool from Kershaw $9.74
  Kershaw TX-Tool (TXTOOL) $8.49
Flashlight Fenix E12 Flashlight $29.95
Automatic Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean $5,250.00
  Seiko Automatic Black Rubber Diver's Watch $409.00
  Seiko Steel Automatic Watch $236.00
Solar $106.99
  Large-Eye Stitching Needles $5.59
  First Aid On The Go Kit $2.99